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This article lists all major and minor characters featured in the Ginger Snaps trilogy.

A docile Brigitte apprehensive to meet Sam

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Alice Severson[]

Alice is the director of Happier Times Rehabilitation Clinic. She inducts the clinic's patients, both young girl drug addicts and chronic care patients, and supervises the clinic's staff. She appears to be concerned for the welfare of her patients, but she is also oblivious to her patient's lives and abuse within the clinic; she fails to identify Tyler, a clinic worker, who sexually coerces his patients. She attempts to gain Brigitte's trust but fails to do so. She dies after Ghost strikes her in the head with a hammer, and she falls into the basement. (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed)

Announcer (unnamed)[]

Never appearing in person, the "announcer" is most likely an office worker at Bailey Downs High School. Following the disappearance of student Trina Sinclair, she addressed the student body over the PA system, calling students of interest to the guidance counselor's office where police were waiting to question them about Trina's disappearance. (Ginger Snaps)
The announcer was voiced by Lucy Lawless who plays Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess. She is married to Rob Tapert, one of Sam Raimi's business partners.



The grandmother of Ghost. She is a severe burn victim patient at Happier Times Rehabilitation Clinic. Not much is known about Barbara, except that she is an innocent victim of Ghost's malice. It is revealed that Ghost lit a match and burned her grandmother intentionally in bed. At the end of Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, it is assumed that she returns home (a door bell is heard, and Ghost is seen opening the door when the film ends). (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed)


Baxter was a dog owned by an unnamed woman and her toddler son. Notably, the film Ginger Snaps begins showing what remains of his carcass after being killed by the Beast of Bailey Downs. The toddler found Baxter's severed foot in his sandbox and the mother found the rest of the animal outside his dog house. (Ginger Snaps)

Beast of Bailey Downs[]

The Beast of Bailey Downs was a lycanthrope that prowled the forests surrounding the rural community of Bailey Downs. Though it mostly hunted small animals such as dogs, it found a more savory victim in the form of Ginger Fitzgerald. The beast attacked Ginger and her sister Brigitte in the woods, biting her and spreading its infection. During this harrowing encounter, Brigitte managed to snap a picture of the animal with her Polaroid. As the two girls fled from the monster, it chased them across the road where it was struck and killed by a motorist named Sam. The identity of the werewolf remains unknown, but in his inspection, Sam identifies it to be a male. (Ginger Snaps)


Ben was a high school student at Bailey Downs High School and a close friend of Jason McCardy. He enjoyed watching the female field hockey team during gym class along with Jason and friend Tim. He was later seen smoking marijuana with them and Ginger Fitzgerald in the back of Sam's van. Ben tries to convince Jason to not interact with the Fitzgerald sisters, but Jason did not take his advice and hooked up with Ginger. (Ginger Snaps)


Beth-Ann was a drug-addict in-patient at the Happier Times Clinic. She bullies Ghost, in one scene throwing coins at her and egging others to join in. Brigitte discovered her performing sexual favors on Tyler to gain access to drugs in the basement of the hospital. She is killed by the werewolf stalking Brigitte when she and Ginger were exploring the basement of the clinic, trying to find a way out. (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed)

Brigitte Fitzgerald (I)[]

For the Brigitte from the first and second films set in modern-day Canada, see Brigitte Fitzgerald.
An ancestor or spiritual predecessor of the Brigitte Fitzgerald who appears in the first two films. This Brigitte appears in 1815 Canada alongside her sister Ginger, and they are orphans who become lost in the Canadian wilderness while finding a path east. They meet with a mysterious oracle and are saved by a hunter, who leads the sisters to Fort Bailey. She is suspicious of the Fort, but later finds out that its residents are paranoid after a series of werewolf attacks on the base. She protects Ginger from the Fort's residents when they become suspicious of them, and she helps Ginger when she discovers she was infected with the lycanthropy curse by an infected boy. She later infects herself with Ginger's blood by cutting a wound in her hand and holding it to Ginger's. Her fate is unknown, but it is assumed she transforms into a werewolf. (Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning)

Brigitte Fitzgerald[]

For the Brigitte from the prequel set in 1815 Canada, see Brigitte Fitzgerald (I).
Brigitte Fitzgerald is the younger sister of Ginger Fitzgerald.
In Ginger Snaps, she is a devout follower of her older sister Ginger and made a pact with her when they were younger to always be together. Brigitte helps Ginger deal with the effects of Lycanthropy that were slowly turning Ginger into a werewolf. She stays by her side as the transformation progresses, including looking for the aid of a young man named Sam who provided Brigitte with a serum made from Monkshood and helping her when Ginger began to have vicious and sexual tendencies, and she guides Ginger after she murdered two school faculty. She ultimately fails to stop Ginger's complete transformation into a werewolf, and to stay together with her sister, she infects herself with Ginger's blood by clasping their two palms together with open wounds. She accidentally kills her when the Gingerwolf lunges into her knife.
In Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, Brigitte is a runaway who is dependent on daily monkshood injections. She is paranoid about taking healing time measurements, and she finds another male werewolf stalking her. She accidently overdoses and is taken as an in-patient at the Happier Times Clinic. She befriends Ghost, and distrusts all other patients, doctors and nurses, and the director on site Alice. When Tyler, a nurse, takes away Brigitte's monkshood, she finds hallucinations, her transformation rate, and her sexual desire increasing in frequency. When she retakes the cure, her body rejects the cure, and her werewolf progression is only accelerated. Ultimately, she is betrayed by Ghost, who locks her in the basement of her grandmother's house as Brigitte is nearing her full transformation. (Ginger Snaps; Ginger Snaps: Unleashed)







Doc Murphy[]

Doc Murphy


Eleanor Brookner[]

Dr. Eleanor Brookner was one of the Happier Times Clinic's doctors who performs mental evaluations and keeps track of her patient's conditions, in addition to leading group exercises. She is shown to be inexperienced at her job, however, noting that Brigitte was possibly lesbian after listening to her give her "best case scenario" story. She also does not perform constant checkups on her patients. (Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed)






Geoffery Rowlands is the son of Wallace Rowlands and his Native American wife. He along with his mother was believed to have been killed by werewolves, but Geoffery was in fact infected with lycanthropy and was hidden in Wallace's house by his father for his own protection. Ginger accidently discovers him, and Geoffery bites her, spreading the infection. He is the target of Ginger's according to the oracle, who says that Ginger must kill Geoffery for the curse to end. Geoffery is killed by his own father to spare him a worse fate at the hands of James and his men, leading to the premonition to be impossible to be fulfilled by Ginger. (Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning)

Ginger Fitzgerald (I)[]

For the Ginger from the first and second films set in modern-day Canada, see Ginger Fitzgerald.
Ginger Fitzgerald is an ancestor or spiritual successor of the modern-day Ginger Fitzgerald who has the same namesake. This Ginger appears in 1815 Canada alongside her sister Brigitte, and they are orphans who become lost in the Canadian wilderness while finding a path east. They meet with a mysterious oracle and are saved by a hunter, who leads the sisters to Fort Bailey. She is suspicious of the Fort, but later finds out that its residents are paranoid after a series of werewolf attacks on the base. She is accidently infected with the lycanthropy curse by an infected boy named Geoffrey. Her sister, Brigitte, protects her from the Fort's residents when they become suspicious of them. She is seen progressing towards a werewolf and gains fangs and pale skin. After the final werewolf battle of Fort Bailey completely slaughtering the last residents of the fort, Ginger huddles with Brigitte, and she tells her sister how she is not feeling cold. She infects Brigitte with her blood, and it is presumed that she and her sister transform into werewolves. (Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning)

Ginger Fitzgerald[]

For the Ginger from the prequel set in 1815 Canada, see Ginger Fitzgerald (I).
Ginger Fitzgerald was the older sister of Brigitte Fitzgerald and the daughter of Pamela and Henry Fitzgerald.
In Ginger Snaps, Ginger was attacked and bitten by the Beast of Bailey Downs who infected her with the curse of lycanthropy. Although she healed from her injuries, her extremely fast healing rate was suspect. Over time, she began going through more erratic changes such as violent mood swings, increased libido and even physical changes, like growing a tail. As the days passed, her ferocity became uncontrollable and she murdered several people and small animals. Brigitte tried to cure Ginger with a syringe filled with serum made from Monkshood, but it was too late. Ginger fully transformed into a werewolf and Brigitte was forced to defend herself at the family home. Brigitte accidentally killed Ginger by stabbing her in the heart with knife.
In Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, Ginger appears to Brigitte as an apparition apparently only Brigitte can see and hear. She warns Brigitte of the werewolf stalker, about how the monkshood "cure" was only a temporary treatment, and how Brigitte should give in to her sexual desires, caused by the werewolf curse and by adolescence. Ultimately, Brigitte refuses to listen to Ginger like she did in the first film. (Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed)


Ghost is an eccentric and delusional young girl who lives in a rehab clinic/hospital with her hospitalized Grandmother Barbara. Ghost has several odd quirks, including a tendency to speak to her self as a narrator, speaking in riddles and rhymes, and her obsession with redrawing characters from comic books in different universes. She is the first and only person to discover at the clinic that Brigitte is a werewolf through her eavesdropping of the clinic's workers and from her comic books. Ghost befriends a reluctant Brigitte, and she helps them both to escape the clinic from a male werewolf to her grandmother's house. It is later discovered that Ghost has a twisted moral mindset when it is discovered that she burned her grandmother in bed. Ghost betrays Brigitte by lying that Tyler raped her, and Brigitte leaves Tyler to be killed by the werewolf. She later locks the Brigittewolf in the basement. (Ginger Snaps: Unleashed)


Hellhound (unnamed)[]

The hellhounds were the unnamed werewolves in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. Their origins are unknown, and the numbers are also without clues. It is known that the werewolves that attack Fort Bailey repeatedly were previous residents who were attacked by the werewolves and later transformed.

Henry Fitzgerald[]

Henry Fitzgerald is the husband of Pamela Fitzgerald and the father of Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald. Even as he is the head of the household, it appears that he allows his wife to take charge. He is depicted of a pushover who doted on his daughters and rarely took on the role of disciplinarian. He fails to notice his daughter's problem of dealing with Ginger turning into a werewolf, and he fails to connect the dots of his daughters probably murdering Trina Sinclair. (Ginger Snaps)

Hockey kid (unnamed)[]

The hockey kid was an adolescent overweight child that lived next door to the Fitzgerald family. He owned a dog named Norman, who was slaughtered and eaten by Ginger in a fraze. The following morning, the hockey kid went outside and found the remains of his pet. (Ginger Snaps)

Hunter (unnamed)[]

A Native American hunter who helps protect Fort Bailey from werewolves and later assists Ginger and Brigitte. He finds Ginger and Brigitte stranded in the forest and attempts takes them to the Fort. He later introduces them to the oracle who could help the sisters. Back at the fort, he helps defend the sisters from werewolf attack. In the final battle between the werewolves and the Fort, when Brigitte had the chance to kill Ginger, she was overwhelmed by her love for her sister and killed the hunter instead, breaking the premonition and leading to the werewolf curse continuing into the 21st century. (Ginger Snaps Back : The Beginning)





James is the arrogant captain of the guards of Fort Bailey in 1815. He first appears as one of the men to let Ginger and Brigitte into the fort. He values disciple and severely punishes evil-doers. Much later after the sisters leave the fort, when Brigitte returns she is arrested and nearly put to death for treason, but Ginger appears to the rescue, resulting in a fight between Ginger and James and his men. Ginger wins when she fatally claws at James's throat and releases a pack of werewolves into the fort. (Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning)

Janitor (unnamed)[]

The janitor of Bailey Downs High School assists Brigitte Fitzgerald in her struggles at school throughout the events of Ginger Snaps. He gives a clean rag to Brigitte after she was pushed into a dead dog carcass by Trina Sinclair. He later, though unintentionally, assisted her again when he opened the door to the room where Jason McCardy was harassing, causing Jason to run away. He dies on Halloween night, when Brigitte's sister, Ginger, who was rapidly transitioning into a werewolf, attacked and killed him in the hallway of the school. (Ginger Snaps)

Jason McCardy[]

Jason McCardy was a student at Bailey Downs High School. He developed an interest in Ginger Fitzgerald, particularly when she began adapting a more extroverted, sexually aggressive behavior due to the werewolf curse and partly from adolescence. What Jason didn't know at the time, however, was that Ginger had been infected by a werewolf. He has sex with Ginger, who passes the infection onto him. Jason slowly began developing symptoms associated with lycanthropy. Ginger's sister, Brigitte Fitzgerald, found Jason as he was attacking a young boy on Halloween night. She injected him with a serum derived from the perennial flower monkshood, which seemed to have cured him. However, the cure is later seen to be temporary, and his whereabouts after he returns to school are unknown. (Ginger Snaps)


Jeremy was the name of the librarian who attempts to flirt with but fails to court Brigitte Fitzgerald. He finds her at the hotel she was staying at after illegally looking up her address, and he finds her overdosing on monkshood. While he prepares to take her to the hospital, he is brutally murdered by an unnamed werewolf stalking Brigitte. Apparently, his body was not found by the people who later found Brigitte.



Koral is a patient at Happier Times Care Center. She is sarcastic and speaks her words without considering their consequences. She bullies Ghost and another clinic patient. She was later discovered by Brigitte to be giving sexual favors to Tyler in exchange for drugs.



Luke is a nurse at the Happier Times Clinic. He supports Tyler when they corner Brigitte when she fails to escape the clinic. He is later seen passing out lunches with the help of Ghost.

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Mister Wayne (Mr. Wayne)[]

Mister Wayne was a teacher and guidance counselor at Bailey Downs High School. As a history teacher, he gave the class an assignment to do a presentation entitled "Life in Bailey Downs," from which the Fitzgerald sisters created their iconic macabre slideshow. He was visibly disgusted by the slide show presented by the Fitzgerald sisters and ordered them to his office. As a guidance counselor, he consuls Ginger when she starts misbehaving at school. On Halloween, when Ginger Fitzgerald was suffering from the violent frenzy of lycanthropy, she returned to Mr. Wayne's office, where he summoned her after seeing Ginger flashing Jason's friends, and killed him. (Ginger Snaps)

Mother (unnamed)[]

The unnamed mother discovers her young child playing in a sandbox with the severed foot of the family dog Baxter. She found the rest of the slaughtered animal outside the scarred ruins of its doghouse. Panicking, she scooped up the child and began screaming. Running through the street, she claimed that the Beast of Bailey Downs killed her dog, with amused expressions from the neighborhood kids and from a carefree attitude from her neighbors. (Ginger Snaps)

Ms. Sykes[]

Ms. Sykes is the gym and field hockey coach at Bailey Downs High School. She breaks apart the fight between Ginger Fitzgerald and Trina Sinclair during two different encounters on the field. (Ginger Snaps)



Norman was a small, yapping dog owned by an overweight hockey kid that lived next door to the Fitzgerald family. The dog is seen misbehaving at times and liked jumping and biting at the child's hockey stick. Norman sensed Ginger Fitzgerald's changes and often barked non-stop at her. When Ginger Fitzgerald began going further through her changes, she grew irritated with the animal's constant barking and killed him. (Ginger Snaps)

Nurse Ferry[]

Main article: Nurse Ferry

Nurse Ferry was the school nurse at Bailey Downs High School. A cheerful and bubbly woman, she consoled the Fitzgerald sisters about puberty and the feminine cycle after they went to her office to discuss Ginger's heavy menstruation and her physical changes. Apparently, she lacks tact and misses Ginger's concerns. (Ginger Snaps)





Pamela Fitzgerald[]

Pamela Fitzgerald was the wife of Henry Fitzgerald and the mother of Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. She is the de-facto leader of the Fitzgerald family and reprimands her daughters when they misbehave. She was elated when she discovered that Ginger finally got her period, knowing that her daughters have not yet had their periods, late for their ages. Pamela later discovered that the girls were responsible for the accidental death of a student named Trina Sinclair. To protect them, she was ready to leave her husband, burn their house down, and start life anew somewhere else. (Ginger Snaps)

Puppy kid (unnamed)[]

The unnamed child was dressed up as a puppy for Halloween. Jason McCardy, suffering adverse effects from the curse of lycanthropy accosted the child and was prepared to kill him. Brigitte Fitzgerald arrived on the scene and distracted Jason, allowing the puppy kid time to get away. In the deleted scenes, he is shown in the back seat of a police car, parked in front of the Greenhouse Bash, where the police officers entered to find Jason McCardy for his attack on the kid. (Ginger Snaps)


Reverend Gilbert[]

A fanatical, sexist and paranoid religious reverend residing in Fort Bailey, which is constantly under siege by werewolves. Upon Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald's arrival at the fort, he attempts to have the forts leader Wallace Rowlands cast them out, to no avail. He treats the sisters with paranoia and distrust, even going as far as to try to get them killed by a werewolf during an attack on the fort. After Ginger is bitten by Wallace's thought dead son Geoffry, she is captured by Gilbert and James who lead a group of men and attempt to force the forts doctor into testing Ginger with a leech but is called off by Wallace. Later when Brigitte is taken prisoner, Gilbert attempts to burn Brigitte alive, but she is rescued when Wallace runs him through with a sword and lights him on fire. (Ginger Snaps Back : The Beginning)


Rocky is Ghost's pet dog who lives in a dog house near the Happier Times Clinic. As a routine, Ghost always leaves Rocky in the dog house every night, and she finds it peculiar when he does not respond to her callings for him. Ghost discovers that the previous night, Rocky is killed by the werewolf stalking Brigitte. Ghost finds his remains and shows Brigitte his severed head and briefly accuses her of killing Rocky. In a deleted scene, Rocky smells Brigitte and finds her, to which he starts barking at her. He pees when Brigitte stoops down to pet him. (Ginger Snaps : Unleashed)



Sam is a young man is the manager of his family's County Regreening Programme in Bailey Downs. He used his work at the greenhouse as a front to sell marijuana. Not much is known about whether he is a high school dropout or a college student. Sam accidentally hit the Beast of Bailey Downs with his van, saving the lives of Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. He later provided Brigitte with a silver earring and told her about Monkshood, a perennial plant that might hold the cure to lycanthropy. Sam prepared the Monkshood into a syringe, but was slaughtered by Gingerwolf later while trying to administer it. (Ginger Snaps)



Student with blue backpack (unnamed)[]

The student carrying the blue backpack was one of several teenagers at Bailey Downs High School. He was seen walking home from school when Sam first met with Brigitte Fitzgerald to borrow a lighter. He appears in several high school screen appearances. (Ginger Snaps)


The Beast (unnamed)[]

Not to be confused with the Beast of Bailey Downs from Ginger Snaps.
A relentless male werewolf that was stalking Brigitte Fitzgerald. He appears to have been stalking her for some time, and according to Brigitte, the werewolf has devious plans to mate with her. His proximity to Brigitte is foreshadowed to coincide with Brigitte's transformation rate. He first appears killing Jeremy a librarian who clumsily flirted with Brigitte. Brigitte however miraculously eludes him but succumbs to a Monkshood overdose and is placed in a rehab clinic. The obsessive male continues to stalk her eventually finding his way to the clinic. The werewolf kills Rocky, signaling his presence at the clinic to Brigitte. He later kills a gas station attendant and Tyler when he was locked out of the house for a mistaken revenge by Brigitte. When Brigitte is close to a full transformation, she and Ghost prepare a trap to kill him. Brigitte fights with the werewolf and wrestles him onto sharp knifes, killing the werewolf. (Ginger Snaps: Unleashed)


Tim was a student at Bailey Downs High School and a friend of Jason McCardy. He enjoyed watching the female field hockey team during gym class with Ben and Jason and was later seen smoking marijuana with them and Ginger Fitzgerald in the back of Sam's van. He is one of Jason's "henchmen" and often taunts him. When he expresses his discontent that Jason broke up with Ginger in a deleted scene, Jason called him out, and Tim is seen feeling bad. (Ginger Snaps)

Toddler (unnamed)[]

The unnamed child was the son of the unnamed mother, who was the owner of the dog Baxter. He is seen playing in a sandbox when he found the severed foot belonging to his dog. The boy's mother discovered him and found the rest of the animal's massacred remains outside the dog house. (Ginger Snaps)

Trina Sinclair[]

Trina Sinclair was a member of the high school field hockey team and a rival of Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald. On two occasions she took her frustrations out on Brigitte, who she saw as the weaker of the two Fitzgerald sisters and therefore more easily bullied, only to find herself on the receiving end of sister Ginger's punches. She then accused the sisters of stealing her dog, but during the confrontation, she slipped and suffered a fatal blow to the head, killing her. Ginger and Brigitte buried Trina's body in the back yard. She was later reported missing, and her body was never found in the film. The Fitzgerald's mother discovers Trina's two fingers, which leads to her discovering her daughters responsible for Trina's murder. (Ginger Snaps)


Tyler is a corrupt employee at the Happier Times rehab clinic. He often sells drugs to girls in the clinic in exchange for sexual favors. He attempts to goad Brigitte into sex in exchange for the monkshood. He finds friendship to a thirteen year old eccentric girl named Ghost. After Ghost and Brigitte escape the clinic, Ghost and Brigitte daringly make contact with Tyler asking him to deliver some Monkshood. Later Ghost tricks Brigitte into thinking Tyler attacked her, and Brigitte in retaliation locks Tyler outside with a relentless male werewolf that was stalking her. Tyler is then killed by the werewolf. (Ginger Snaps: Unleashed)


Wallace Rowlands[]

One of the leaders of Fort Bailey, alongside Reverend Gilbert and James. Unlike the other two, Wallace is more understanding of the Fitzgerald sister's. Sometime before their arrival, Wallace's Native American wife and his son Geoffrey where supposedly killed by the werewolves surrounding the fort. He clearly cared about his son enough to allow him to live in the house, protecting him from James and the Reverend. He even protects the Fitzgerald sisters several times throughout their visit but after he is forced to kill his son, Wallace has Ginger cast out, with Brigitte following. After Brigitte returns to the fort, she is taken prisoner by James and the Reverend. Wallace and the Native American Hunter rescue her. Wallace prepares to burn the entire fort to the ground whilst fighting the werewolves and kills himself almost immediately after being bitten. (Ginger Snaps Back : The Beginning)


Winnie is a patient at Happier Times Care Clinic.

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