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The tool shed is located in the backyard of the Fitzgerald residence and was where Trina Sinclair was buried. The Fitzgerald sisters used the tool shed often for sister meetings, and Brigitte used it often for independent study.


The Fitzgerald sisters used the tool shed as an outdoor playhouse when they were younger. Their mother used to participate in their activities.


The tool shed both represents the growing bond between the Fitzgerald sisters yet also represents the divide between them. Brigitte studies in the tool shed by herself, looking at books about werewolves and folk treatment. In addition, the sisters also bury Trina's body in it, which is discovered by Pamela. The tool shed also represents the divide between the sisters and their mother, as the body was buried where the mother and the sisters used to hang out together, and the buried body represents a cherished location that the sisters used to take part in that is now off-limits. The other cherished location is the sister's basement bedroom.