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Bailey Downs is a small, rural community in Ontario, Canada, where the premise of Ginger Snaps takes place. The community was the subject of a string of mysterious, unexplained animal attacks, later revealed to be caused by a werewolf.


Bailey Downs was founded as Fort Bailey in the late 1700s to early 1800s. The fort was burned down in 1815. The later settlement date of Bailey Downs was never given, and could either be right after the destruction of the fort or later in the 1900s, given the relatively modern construction and architecture design of the houses. No historical markers or buildings are visible, meaning they could have been replaced by modern construction.


Entrance to Bailey Downs[]

Although not shown in the film, the location fits in the canon universe. This location was actually featured in Orphan Black, a series also directed by John Fawcett, director of Ginger Snaps.

The real-life location is the intersection at Major Mackenzie Drive East & Donald Cousens Parkway, Markham, ON L0H, Canada

The Fitzgerald Residence[]

The residence where the Fitzgerald family lived.

Bailey Downs High School[]

A small secondary high school for the community.

The neighborhood park[]

A small park where the Beast of Bailey Downs attacked Ginger Fitzgerald.

County Greenhouse[]

The headquarters for the County Regreening Programme.


In late 1999, a mysterious creature appeared and was the source of the murder of several of the community's dogs. This creature, dubbed the Beast of Bailey Downs, was in fact a werewolf.


Bailey Downs is the site of scenes from multiple films.

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