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Bailey Downs High School is a high school- also known as a secondary school- located in the town of Bailey Downs, Ontario, Canada. The school mascot is the buzzard, and the school colors are yellow, gold, and black.


The exact student population is not known, but is estimated to be a small school and number no more than 400 students. As it is located in a small town in Canada, the high school is presumed to serve grades 9-12, like most high schools there. Based on observations, the majority of students are white; this is supported by the fact that the majority of students seen appear white, with very few African American and Asian students.


The school was founded to provide intermediate education to older teens of Bailey Downs. Notably, late 1999, a series of missing students and faculty were reported.

On October 24, 1999, Trina Sinclair was a student first reported missing, with police investigations finding no leads.

On October 31, two faculty: school's janitor and Mr. Wayne, were reported missing. Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald were students who were also missing.


The school features a social studies class that has a unit on the history of Bailey Downs, biology class, and a mandatory gym class.


The school features field hockey as an extracurricular, possibly as a mandatory gym class unit. Several posters throughout the hallways featuring various clubs signify an active student community.

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  • Not much about the school is known from the film, but deductions have been made based off of the scenes where the school is shown.
  • The school's logo is a buzzard, which is a scavenger, an animal that preys upon dead animals. Maybe the founders of the high school were foreshadowing the coming of the Beast of Bailey Downs and Ginger's lycanthropy?
  • Somehow, no one notices the dead dog in the middle of the soccer field where the school's field hockey class was taking place before their match started. Trina pushes Brigitte head first into the dog, and the team players seem visibly disgusted once that happened and not before. Also, the carcass apparently did not have a strong smell alerting the players and the coach.
  • Ifdeleted scenes are canon, then a woman by the name of Pamela Fitzgerald was held for investigation for her murder.