From the official Ginger Snaps website, a few pages of Brigitte's diary are found where Brigitte details the days prior to the Beast's attack on the sisters. The diary is referred to as Diary 1. Additional diary pages are found from bonus features on a Ginger Snaps CD in another stylized diary, referred to as Diary 2.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Three pages from Brigitte's diary appear. The entries are transcribed as written by Brigitte.

Diary 1 Entries[edit | edit source]

Page 1

then Henry saw what we did to the white picket fence for our project - and he didn't say one word. Typical. This made me ask Ginge' if she thought he ignored us because we couldn't possibly be related to either of them, or if he just could care less. Ginge' thinks it's because he's been lobotomized by suburbia. She says she remembers him building our playhouse when we were little, + that he was a totally different Dad. Sometimes I wishe I remembered him like that. Then Pamela sees what we're doing + tries to act all "supportive" and "understanding" while the whole time I thought her eyeballs would get so big they'd pop the barrettes? right of her head. Are all parents QUITE this USELESS???? And so now if we fry for this project at school, she'll have something to be on our side for. The last thing we need is more "special attention" from PAM..... Right now I can here hear Norman barking next door even when it's two o'clock in the morning. don't those people know you're not supposed to leave pets out after dark anymore?!!! If Ging' didn't hate Norman so much? I'd bring him in to our room so he'd be safe, and never give him back. They don't deserve a pet. Or I guess it's the pet doesn't deserve THEM!!!

Page 2

Seven dead dogs in the last month. Two in the same week. Not drop-dead dead. Or disease-dead dead. RIPPED TO PIECES dead-dead. We finally saw one on the way to school today. Or what was left of it. Shredded. Blood everywhere. Ginge' wanted a photo for the wall of shame but I got sick in the gutter just looking. Wierder, people are actually getting used to it. It's like, oh you left your dog out - that is your tough luck. Revolting! The whole disgusting mess of course gave Ging' an idea for our project. So now we're using the lawnmower. Gross. Ginge' says if we're lucky we'll get kicked out of school for this. I tried to tell her that would just mean a lot more time with Pamela, but she wasn't even listening to me. She's been really bitchy of kinda wierd laltely. feel like she's not telling me some-

Page 3

I am so wierded out. Maybe it's me - I have to stop watching all the women in prison matches? on late night TV - it so giving me the creeps. Because I swear I saw Ginge check Jason McCardy at gym today. So I'm hallucinating. Right? Yes. I didn't say anything, thank gawd. But something wierd is up with her. We're doing this project and she's all right into how we "look". Since when does she care how we "LOOK"? since when does she care what the morons at school think? It gave me this nightmare: she joined up with the Trinas + became EXACTLY LIKE THEM. And I was running after her crying in the field, and she just gave me the finger and kept going. When I woke up I actually was crying and I spilled a bunch of our blood trying to get a tissue - I'm such a loser. Good thing Ging' sleeps like the dead. Four days and no more new dead dogs. Maybe whatever's doing it went away. We tell can't figure out how it ever gets into people's yards. The fences are soooo high - !? What animal could possibly get over them??? It either flies or climbs.... Or it's human + just opens the GATE!! GROSS.

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