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The first Brigitte Fitzgerald, who will be identified as Brigitte Fitzgerald (I), ancestor of modern day Brigitte who was born almost 200 years later, was born to Canadian traders in 1815.  These events took place in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.  Brigitte pledges to protect her sister Ginger Fitzgerald, but she fails to prevent Ginger from getting infected by a werewolf bite.  At the end of the film, Brigitte and Ginger exchange blood, infecting Brigitte and proving her loyalty to her sister, but also beginning a curse affecting modern day Brigitte and her sister Ginger, where they inherit the werewolf curse.


Pre-Modern Era as Brigitte Fitzgerald (I)[]

Events of Ginger Snaps Back:  The Beginning[]

In the winter of 1815, the two sisters found themselves lost in the wilderness after the deaths of their parents. They unknowingly travel into a area that is constantly ravaged by a werewolf infestation. They find a seemingly abandoned hut and meet an old Native American woman who gives them two bird necklaces warning them to "Kill the boy, or one sister kills the other".

Later on Brigitte is caught in a trap, but she is released by an unnamed hunter, who takes them to Fort Bailey, which is constantly attacked by werewolves. Ginger and Brigitte are treated with suspicion by the few inhabitants, especially the paranoid Reverend Gilbert. Nonetheless, they are invited into the house of Wallace Rowlands, the Fort's leader whose wife was killed by the werewolves and whose his son was assumed so too. But that night, Ginger hears crying within the walls, so she goes to check, and she finds out that Wallace's son, Geoffry, is still alive and turning into a werewolf himself. Ginger is bitten, so she and Brigitte attempt to leave, but they are cornered by James, the sergeant of the Fort. James and Ginger nearly fight before a pack of werewolves attack. During the ensuing fight between the men in the Fort and the werewolves, Reverend Gilbert comes to the sisters showing them to a seemingly safe house, which turns out to have a werewolf loose in it. The sisters are saved by the unnamed hunter who found them earlier. When the sisters accuse the Reverend of attempted murder (who doesn't even deny it) he goes unpunished and the sisters are sent back to bed, where they are kept awake by the ensuing fight outside.

The next day, it becomes apparent that Geoffry is now loose, and when he kills a man in the fort, Ginger is suspected and dragged away. Brigitte tries to help her sister before James pins her down, but he is called off by Wallace. Brigitte bribes Wallace, pointing out that his son is as cursed as his sister. The two rescue Ginger, and the Reverend backs down.

Ginger and Brigitte become determined to find a cure, convinced that killing the sire werewolf will cure Ginger. When they eventually find Geoffry, but they hesitate to kill him as he is a child. Geoffry is captured by James, but he was killed by Wallace himself in a mercy kill. The depressed Wallace has Ginger exiled, and Brigitte insists on joining her sister.

They are guided out by a man named Milo who reveals that the old woman they met before was a seer, who can explain their situation. Brigitte and Ginger follow Milo through the woods, but Milo is killed by a surprise werewolf attack.  The sister nonetheless find their way to the seer's camp with the help of the hunter who appears and repels the werewolves. The seer explains it was too late to cure Ginger, and Brigitte must kill Ginger, or Ginger will kill her. The seer begins a ceremony on Brigitte to detail a werewolf legend that says the red and the black will choose the fate of the bloodline:  Brigitte pictures alternative realities where either Brigitte dies, and the land suffers forever, or Ginger dies, and the bloodline dies with her. When Brigittes returns to reality, she finds that Ginger has murdered the seer, and not willing to kill Brigitte, Ginger flees. The Hunter takes Brigitte back to the Fort, convinced that Ginger will eventually follow.

At the Fort, Brigitte is taken prisoner, and told by the Reverend that her sister is already lost; offended, Brigitte spits in the Reverend's eye. The Reverend calls her a witch and starts a bonfire, whilst Ginger heads to the fort, with a pack of werewolves following. The Reverend's execution attempt is caught by the Hunter and Wallace, who kill the Reverend and free Brigitte. Ginger manages to get in and fights James and his men, eventually ushering in the werewolves. The Hunter and Brigitte hold their own, while Wallace is killed. When Brigitte gets the opportunity to kill Ginger, she instead kills the hunter, thus disproving the red and the black legend. The sisters flee the Fort together as the only survivors.

The next morning, Ginger and Brigitte sit under a tree, and Ginger cuts her hand and Brigitte's, mingling each other's blood and sealing their fates as werewolves.