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There are a number of deleted scenes from all three films in the Ginger Snaps trilogy.

Ginger Snaps[]

A Collector's Edition DVD was released in Canada that contains over 20 minutes of deleted/extended footage. There are 15 total scenes.

Scene Numbers Titles Descriptions
1 Cause I Rule? A scene in the hallway of the high school after the Fitzgerald sister's "Life in Bailey Downs" presentation for Mr. Wayne's class. Ginger carves the word "F**k" into a locker door while Brigitte takes a Polaroid of herself to document a "wall of shame" moment. Brigitte says that people suck, and Ginger responds that the sisters stick together.
2 What Was It Extended footage of Brigitte and Ginger arriving home after the attack on Ginger. There is more of Brigitte screaming for help, and there is extra footage of her scrambling to get first aid supplies for Ginger.
3 The Shower Scene Ginger gets out of the shower, stands in front of the bathroom mirror and pulls some of the hair out of her shoulder wound.
4 Priest of Prey While changing TV channels, Brigitte comes across a condom commercial before changing it to a really cheesy werewolf movie. She watches it for a moment; after watching the scene where the priest kills the werewolf with a gunshot, Brigitte turns off the TV and sits in silence.
5 The Ruined Experiment Additional footage in the greenhouse before Brigitte tells Sam that she is turning into a werewolf. Sam is conducting an experiment on a rare flower when Brigitte introduces herself, startling and causing him to jerk and sever the plant's stem. Sam briefly berates Brigitte then alludes to the fact that his family owns the greenhouse, and that it is "the family crypt." He tells her that, like Sam, she too will turn into her parents, but Brigitte tells him that she is turning into something else.
6 Brigitte Takes Over Brigitte walks into the guidance office to find Mr. Wayne threatening to suspend Ginger for attacking Trina on the playing field. Brigitte blackmails him into letting Ginger go, threatening to claim that he tried to rape Ginger.
7 PMS is the Least of Your Problems Ginger starts to get stir crazy after being isolated in her room. She thrashes around and tears pictures off of the wall. At one point, she spits out a tooth, claiming "That's five," but she shows Brigitte that she's grown "two more of the new ones," and shows Brigitte her fangs. Ginger reads a list of symptoms for PMS, then tries to get Brigitte to let her go out. Brigitte responds, "PMS is the least of your problems."
8 Brigitte & Sam Understand Each Other Another scene in the greenhouse with Sam and Brigitte. Brigitte knocks and asks to be let in, but Sam tells her, "we're closed. Take a pumpkin and f*** off." Brigitte welcomes herself anyway, and Sam reveals to her that the cops have been asking him about Trina's disappearance. He assumes that Brigitte killed her, while Brigitte calls him a "cherry hound." Sam asks if Brigitte thinks he's the type to go around chasing virgins; in turn, Brigitte asks Sam if he thinks she's the type to go around killing them.
9 Can You Bark? A little kid in a puppy suit walks down the sidewalk and admires the other kids' costumes. He comes across Jason, who has developed a grotesque face and looks disorganized. Jason asks the kid to bark, and the kid lets out a little "woof." "That's not a bark," Jason says, grabbing the screaming kid and growling.
10 Don't Touch My Sister An extended scene involving Mr. Wayne's counselling session with Ginger and his death. Ginger tells Mr. Wayne that Brigitte locked her in the bathroom. An appalled Mr. Wayne exclaims that he doesn't see a reason for Brigitte to do so, saying "forceful confinement is only used in the most severe circumstances," to which he does not believe Brigitte was under. He has Brigitte paged over the school's intercom. Meanwhile, Brigitte hears the page and begins walking towards his office. She shyly walks past 2 police officers who are investigating Trina's disappearance and who curiously glance back. She hesitates for a moment before entering Mr. Wayne's office. When she opens the door, Ginger immediately pulls her into the office, where Mr. Wayne is splayed dead on the desk. Ginger yells at Brigitte for locking her in the bathroom and for betraying her for some guy. Brigitte tells Ginger that she went to get some cure and was forced to use it on Jason. Brigitte found that the cure worked, and she says that Sam can make more. Ginger responds that her life is over and she will spend life in jail, to which Brigitte responds that they have more serious problems at hand, and they will first deal with it by cleaning up the mess.
11 Pam Discusses Trina Additional footage where Pamela finds Trina's body. Pamela is digging through the dirt when she discovers Trina's exposed hand. She sits down to take in the situation. Henry walks outside and asks what she's doing; Pamela says she's just remembering old times, trying to stall Henry from seeing the body. Henry informs Pamela that he will be going to do some gambling.
12 Brigitte & Mom Have a Heart to Heart After Pamela picks up Brigitte in the van, she gives Brigitte some make-up to hide the circles under her eyes.
13 Wow - Nice Get Up Extended scene at the party. Ginger opens her shirt up in front of Sam. He sees her morphed abdomen and says "Nice getup."
14 What a Party! Brigitte makes her way through the party crowd, trying to find Sam and Ginger. She runs into Jason's friends Ben and Tim, who mock her for looking like a zombie. She pushes past them, and Jason walks up, just missing her. He asks his friends if they've seen Ginger. One friend asks if he and Ginger broke up, and Jason responds "Oh yeah." The friend complains that Ginger is hot and that Jason is an idiot for breaking up with her. Jason retaliates by calling him a fag. Outside the party, a police cruiser pulls up next to Pamela's van, and two officers go inside looking for Jason. Pamela thinks they are after her daughters, so she grabs the plastic container holding Trina's severed fingers and follows them inside. The little kid in the puppy suit is shown in the back seat with his mother.
15 Let's Kill Them All! Brief additional dialogue when Brigitte walks in on Sam and Ginger. Meanwhile, Pamela wanders through the rowdy party. Brigitte and Ginger start to leave, but they are cornered by Jason. The police officers find Jason's friends and ask if they know where he is. One friend, mad about being called a fag, points Jason out. Jason sees the cops, thinks they are after Ginger, and calls them over. Pamela shows up and knocks Jason down, yelling "Let go of my girls!" She tells her daughters to run, and walks over to the cops. She shows the cops Trina's fingers, and claims that she killed Trina. She starts flailing around so the cops will take her away. Jason watches all of this, then grabs a beer and starts talking to a random girl at the party.

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed[]

There are eight alternative scenes that were included in the DVD release.

Scene Numbers Titles Descriptions
1 Brigitte's Introduction Additional footage during the opening scene where Brigitte is walking along a street before entering a public library. She then walks toward the back row, picks up a book, and starts reading.
2 Ginger Appears An alternate introduction for Ginger. Brigitte marks in her journal the time it took her latest wound to heal. Ginger appears on the bed behind her, reading a book and telling Brigitte that the monkshood isn't a cure.
3 The New Girl When Brigitte wakes up in the clinic, she bangs on her door to get someone's attention. Ghost sees her and walks up to the door. Through the door's window, Ghost tells Brigitte that she's in "Oscar Hamilton's Body Farm," and that the doctors are going to harvest Brigitte's limbs. She also tells Brigitte that she is lucky, and that the doctors only want Brigitte's feet. Ghost then points to Barbara in the full body gauze, and says that the doctors took all of Barbara's skin. Ghost then hears Alice approaching and runs away.
4 Nice to Meet You Brigitte After her failed attempt to escape, Brigitte gets escorted back to her room by Tyler. Along the way, Alice tells her that there are no easy escapes. Tyler discovers Brigitte's name on a board and says to her, "Nice to meet you Brigitte."
5 Trapped & Conjure Brigitte uses a piece of meat in her dinner to lure Rocky the dog to her door. Tyler and Ghost follow Rocky as he is led by the scent. At the door, Ghost discovers the meat and fears that Brigitte cut out her heart; however, Tyler dismisses her, saying, "this heart is very cheap sirloin." Brigitte appears at the door and asks Tyler to let her out, but he refuses. Outside, Ghost feeds the piece of meat to Rocky.
6 Rocky Knows Evil Brigitte exits a room with Dr. Brookner and other girls from a recent group session. Rocky barks at Brigitte as she walks down the hall. She reaches out to pet it, but the dog pees in fright. Dr. Brookner asks Ghost why she brought the dog inside, and Ghost replies, "Rocky knows evil."
7 Alice Makes an Offer Alice talks to Brigitte in private and offers her a deal: Brigitte's door will be unlocked if Brigitte agrees to spend some social time with the other girls.
8 Plan to Action Alice and Brigitte are seated in an examination room, where Brigitte feigns having a stomachache. The nurse finishes taking Brigitte's vital signs and leaves. Alice tells Brigitte a story of when she was a junkie. After Alice also departs, Brigitte makes herself vomit on her gown so the nurse will let her take a bath.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning[]

There are four alternative scenes that were included in the DVD release.

Scene Numbers Titles Descriptions
1 * While looking for a set of keys, Finn tells the girls that he is a map maker. The girls ask what has happened at the fort; Finn doesn't answer. They see a pile of werewolf drawings on a desk, and look at Finn questioningly. He says that the pictures are of old wives' tales.
2 * An extended dinner scene with additional dialogue amongst the men. Seamus says that the scripture has made Gilbert twisted. James loudly questions the Hunter's motives for staying at the fort. Seamus defends the Hunter. The Hunter puts a knife to James' throat before letting him go. Rowlands begins to make a speech before being interrupted by the howling of werewolves outside.
3 * Returning to the fort after helping Ginger escape, Brigitte is brought before Rowlands. Gilbert claims she is a disciple of the devil and will steal the souls of the men. Rowlands tells Brigitte that when he looked into his son's eyes before shooting him, he saw nothing. He then says that when he looks into Brigitte's eyes, he sees her sister. He tells the men they can do what they want with Brigitte, and that he washes his hands of the whole thing.
4 * An extended burial scene where Gilbert makes several veiled attacks towards Seamus' personal life.

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