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Inspired fans of the Ginger Snaps trilogy have written alternative endings and continuations of all three films. They include canon and fan-inspired writings; prequels, sequels, and alternative in-universe plots; and short but detailed literature to longer continuations, with some detailing an alternate Ginger Snaps timeline altogether.

Resource Description
ArchiveofOurOwn Includes writings both strictly from the Ginger Snaps universe and from combined universes with other films/stories.
FanFiction Offers a large collection of Ginger Snaps writings as a continuation or prequel to all three films in the trilogy. The community has been active since 1 November 2002 when the earliest writing was published. One of the larger fan fiction communities on the web.
Ficwad A smaller community of fan fiction writings.
Wattpad A smaller community of fan fiction writings.

Sample writing featured on FanFiction
Credits to moviefan-92

Published 5 April 2009, updated 2 July 2009

Author's Synopsis: "Takes place right after the 2nd movie. Sam returns, alive but infected, Brigitte's transformation is nearly complete, Ghost has fallen further into insanity, and another werewolf is after them. Bad summary, it's better than it sounds."

Excerpt from Chapter 1:


Chapter 1: Back from the Dead

Brigitte's howl echoed through the old house. Ghost looked up from her drawing and smiled.

"Soon, Brigitte, soon." She said. "The pain will pass, just bare with it. Accept your destiny, become what you were meant to be."

If Brigitte were capable of replying, she was a little busy trying to burst through trapdoor of the basement. She was too dangerous to be let out right now. To herself as well as others. After all, she had begged Ghost for death, but the young blond decided otherwise. Having her own werewolf was not something she was about to give up.

Ghost wasn't cruel or sadistic. She was simply insane. She couldn't tell the difference between reality and fantasy, seeing the two as one blurred universe. And in this little world her psychotic mind had created, she was the Dark Queen, and Brigitte was on her way to becoming her Hell Hound, who she would release upon her enemies.

Another tortured howl rang up from the basement. Ghost pitied the poor creature. The transformation from human to werewolf couldn't possibly be pleasant. She had seen that other werewolf, the one lying dead in the basement with Brigitte. That was what the unfortunate teen was becoming. A savage animal with an appetite for live meat, especially human.

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