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There are a number of social media pages where Ginger Snaps trilogy fans can connect with other fans around the world and discover new content. Featured on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, there are several pages featuring a variety of communities that cater to a variety of interests. Listed are a few of fan social media links.1

Platform Search Title/Link Notes
Discord qWbs26v A chat forum where people can share pictures, updates, news, and discuss the trilogy or other miscellaneous content. Discussions are divided into channels by topic.
Facebook @officialgingersnapstrilogy A composite forum page where users can share updates and news as posts and visual graphics as albums.
Reddit [2] r/gingersnaps An active forum based discussion page where users can share updates, discussions, and news. The page offers options to upvote posts that interest or have relevance to the user. A discord server is offered on the website.
Instagram gingersnaps_film An image sharing website where users share pictures related to the series. Screenshots, fan art, and other user created artistic content can be found here.


  1. These social media links are not endorsed by this Ginger Snaps wiki nor run by its administrators, but were listed here because they might be of interest to Ginger Snaps fans.
  2. The given link leads to the old Reddit website layout for the full experience. Here is the forum with the new, redesigned website layout.