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Geoffrey Rowlands was Wallace Rowlands's son, who was bitten by a werewolf that killed his mother and transformed into one. He was the figure mentioned in the Elder's prophecy told to Ginger.


Geoffrey was bitten by a werewolf in an attack that also presumably killed his mother. To avoid being killed, Wallace hides him in his house in a secret room.

Later when Ginger finds him, Geoffrey bites Ginger, infecting her with the lycanthropy curse, and breaks loose. He is later killed by Wallace himself, who wanted to put an end to his son's misery.


When Geoffrey was in his advanced stages of transformation, he still retained some of his memories and personality, proven when Ginger sees him crying and mourning at his mother's grave. However, he seems to have lost memory of his father when he tries to talk to him. Changes include his developing of aggression caused by lycanthropy.


Geoffrey had a grotesque look, where one half of his face was human and the other half severely deformed, when Ginger first meets him. Later, he as his transformation into a werewolf progressed, his limbs extended and grew hair, and is face elongated to that of a werewolf's snout.