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Welcome to the Ginger Snaps Wiki Guide! Founded on July 25, 2020, the Ginger Snaps Wiki is meant to be a comprehensive resource about the characters and scenes about the Ginger Snaps trilogy released in the early 2000s, while also serving as a reference to other fan pages and social media about the series.

As of November 15, 2020, this guide is still under edits.


Well, you made it to this Ginger Snaps wiki somehow. Through a Google search for "Ginger Snaps," the title page of this wiki does not appear until several pages of Google searches later. Even if "Ginger Snaps Wiki" was searched for, any page of this wiki will only appear until after the first or second page of results. However, sister pages on other wikis link to this wiki, so that's probably how you got here!

Aside from that fun introduction, as a beginner to this wiki (or if you have already explored most of it and are just reading this guide for fun), here are some direct links that can start you off:

There are also header links at the top named "The Film Trilogy," "Characters," "Film Interests," "Community Links," and "Explore." Each link will feature a pull-down tab that you can use to access further sub-topics. For example, for the heading "The Film Trilogy," if you mouse or hover over the link, you will see subtabs of the titles of the three films in the trilogy (Ginger Snaps, Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning).

Direct Links of Interest[]

What if you wanted to find out more about why Ghost acted the way she acted? Or what about exploring Bailey Downs High School? This subarticle will direct you to helpful links:

  • For exploring characters (including humans, werewolves, and animals) including details like overview, history within the series, appearance, hobbies, relationships with others, or trivia about characters, there are a variety of ways you can find the wiki page about them. For major characters, you can find them under the header link "Characters" and then hovering over the film title and clicking their name that shows up. For minor characters or characters who do not appear when you did what the last sentence said, you can mouse over the header link "Characters," over the specific film title, and then click on their name. You can also search for them in the search bar, or you can look for them under All Characters.
  • For exploring social media or discussion boards, external links, which are direct website links outside of the wiki, check out "Community Links." You can find official and unofficial websites dedicated to Ginger Snaps, social media (like Reddit or Facebook), and Discussion Boards.
  • For exploring miscellaneous details about the film, see "Film Interests." Here you will discover information that are not necessarily explicitly mentioned in the main three films or are additional pieces of information of interest.
  • For exploring fan theories and questions about the film, see Fan Theories and Film Questions. These two links are always a work in progress, and you are free to add to them if you have additional questions not appearing and they have a plausible canon reasoning.
  • To post blogs on this wiki and to connect with other wiki editors, see the main page. There you can view current and previous posts, along with filtering by posts by topic you wish to see.

Should I Create a New Page?[]

Odds are, the topic you are trying to create a new page article about already exists. Do a general wiki search in the search tab to see if the page already exists. If possible, information about an existing page should be directly added to that page. For example, information about Brigitte Fitzgerald's relationships with others should be included under the page Brigitte Fitzgerald and not as a separate "Brigitte Fitzgerald's relationship" page. However, if you feel that the page you are creating merits its own creation, or if its inclusion under an existing page would be too much (such as Film Trivia, which has its own separate page, where normally Trivia about the films would be listed on the main film article page), then feel free to create a new page! These restrictions are not set in stone and are subject to change based on the community.

Ginger Snaps Wiki Style Guidelines[]

See Ginger Snaps Wiki How-tos.

There are no strict guidelines to editing articles on this wiki; only that the wording be in a formal, objective tone and be written in the English language.

This wiki encyclopedia differs from other encyclopedias like the well known Wikipedia in that information such as trivia and fan theories are mentioned; nevertheless, the formal tone when writing entries should be remembered. Also, writing fan theories in a wiki is also discouraged, as its inclusion might mean to viewers of the trilogy that their content is true. However, the most common fan theory questions should be listed, and if the theories could be verified to be canon or be verified from an objective viewing of the trilogy with logical extrapolations, then they may be answered.

Ginger Snaps Wiki Update[]

Q: Why do some pages not have all information, and why are some completely empty?

A: This wiki was created in late July of 2020. Most wikis have been in existence for several years (upwards of 10 years of age), while this wiki as of mid-November 2020 is only 3.5 months old. In addition, stats from Fandom, the company running this wiki, suggest that only 0.05% of all wiki browsers actually edit. So in fact, your edits are important, because everyone can see them, and not everyone will have the time to make changes to them, so they can appear unchanged for days to weeks! As an admin, I am also busy with university myself but will find time to make changes to help facilitate other editors and to help make this wiki more professional. This wiki was conjured by a single person and has since grown to a small team who are making edits in-and-out periodically.