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Gingerwolf is the portmanteau of "Ginger" and "werewolf," and is the name given to Ginger Fitzgerald after she fully transformed into a werewolf.


Although not used in film, the name "Gingerwolf" is used by fans and is credited in the film credits.


As Gingerwolf is formally Ginger Fitzgerald as a human, and she was inflicted with the lycanthropy curse, causing her to change appearance and psyche, she is classified as a "manwolf" or lesser werewolf, with the scientific nomenclature Homo lupus.[1]

Physical Description[]

Gingerwolf is depicted having body shape much like that of wolves, but muscular features are much more exaggerated, and the build is wider. The snout is like that of a dog's, with pointed ears, and the spine is notably visible. She has yellow eyes and is almost hairless, with strands of white hair around the neck. Most of the body is exposed skin, having a very pale peach color with a tinge of green.