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James is the secondary antagonist in the film Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. He is one of the men in Fort Bailey, often in charge of a small group of men.



James is a resident of Fort Bailey for an indeterminate amount of time. With the help of a native american hunter who helps work with the fort, where they able to survive the attack by werewolves.

That same winter, the early incarnations of Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald make their way to the fort, while lost in the woods. James makes a sarcastic remark to the Hunter, who reminds him that he is the only reason he is still alive. That same night, Ginger and Brigitte attempt to leave the fort, but are confronted by James who attempts to provoke a fight with Ginger after she unlocks the gate, but this allows werewolves to enter the fort and attack the men.

James later reappears when Reverend Gilbert start to catch wind of Ginger's curse. They and their men abduct Ginger from her bed and James holds Brigitte hostage, but before he can hurt her, he is called off by Wallace. Later when they realize Wallace's son Geoffrey is alive, James leads the hunt for him. The distraction when Ginger sympathies for Geoffrey when he is crying at his mothers grave leads to James catching Geoffrey and presenting him to his father. The sisters are soon banished by Wallace, who killed Geoffrey.

Brigitte returns with the hunter and is captured by James and the Reverend. James waits for Ginger to inevitably follow Brigitte and that night, she does so. James orders his men to let Ginger in. He tells Ginger that the Reverend is busy with Brigitte, and starts a fight with Ginger. James overpowers Ginger, and Ginger offers to tell him a secret before whispering "They're coming" and claws at his throat. James collapses to the ground as Ginger ushers in the rest of the werewolves.