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The janitor is a faculty member of Bailey Downs High School, serving on the custodial staff.


The janitor is unnamed in his appearance in Ginger Snaps. He is very compassionate towards the students, and helps Brigitte Fitzgerald several times such as offering her a rag to clean blood off of herself, or scaring away Jason McCardy when he corners Brigitte in the janitor's room.

He dies a painful death under the hands and claws of Ginger Fitzgerald, who she believes is trying to advance on Brigitte, which is false.


In film, the janitor is only seen at his job maintaining the grounds at Bailey Downs High School. He sports a gray uniform with the school's logo. He looks very tidy and organized.


The janitor symbolizes the role of Brigitte's sister Ginger, where the janitor assists Brigitte on multiple occasions. In a way, he acts as a "foster" guardian to her. He is seen assisting Brigitte Fitzgerald during critical points in her life.