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The effects of lycanthropy, the formal term for the transformation from a human into a werewolf, is a major plot event in the events of the Ginger Snaps trilogy. Each individual experienced different transformation differences throughout the trilogy.

Brigitte Fitzgerald[]

In Ginger Snaps[]

Brigitte infected herself with Ginger's blood at the Greenhouse, and her palm wound is later shown immediately healing. In contrast with Ginger's initial transformation, Brigitte experiences weakness during the initial stages.

During the van scene with Sam, she is shown dazing in and out. At the Fitzgerald house, she experiences numbness and anesthesia in her palm region. She later faints while going down the staircase, but her weakened condition is also likely due to extreme stress for the last several weeks.

In Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed[]

Brigitte tests her healing rate and finds that a shallow cut can fully heal, leaving behind a faintly visible scar, from 12 hours down to 4. Monkshood extract is seen to slow down the effects of lycanthropy, but only if taken constantly. Brigitte overdoses from two shots- later, after a prolonged time without monkshood, Brigitte's body starts to reject the monkshood, and her transformation quickens rapidly to the point where immediate transformations occur within minutes.

In contrast with Ginger's appearance transformation, Brigitte's are more grotesque rather than augmenting her appearance. She develops pointed ears first, followed by pupil color changes and spinal configuration.