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The nurse is a background character in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed who tends to the patients and assists Alice and Dr. Brookner.


The nurse attends to Brigitte, who was a new inpatient at Happier Times Care Center.

One night, she prepares for Brigitte a bath, to which Brigitte demands that she can take herself. The nurse leaves, leading Brigitte to use the lack of supervision to escape through the hospital's air vents.


The nurse is seen hard at work at her desk but is rarely seen tending to patients. Due to her nonchalant interaction with Brigitte after she turns on her water for her bath, she can be seen as indifferent to her patients and failing to check on them. As a background character, she does not help improve Brigitte's comfort for the clinic and even inadvertently helps her escape by her negligence.


In a deleted scene, the nurse attends to Brigitte by taking her blood pressure. After she leaves the room, Alice tells Brigitte a story of when she was on drugs, then the nurse returns and asks if suppositories are needed. Later, Brigitte vomits on her gown to gain the nurse's attention so she will give her a bath, leading to Brigitte's escape.