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Below is a list of sites relating to the Ginger Snaps trilogy. You can find more information about the films, such as exploring the films on distributor's websites. See Fan Social Media for external links to user social media, discussion pages, and other active forums to discuss content relating to the series.

Ginger Snaps promotional links[]

There were several film premier promotional websites released. The links have been archived and are available for access.

Ginger Snaps film links[]

Fan-created websites[]

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Fandom Wikis[]

Listed are links for where further Ginger Snaps articles are mentioned on other Fandom wikis. Horror films and lore relating to the Ginger Snaps trilogy and lycanthropy in general can also be found.

Other links of interest[]

  • Ginger Snaps on TVtropes
    • Goes into a detailed analysis of all three films in the trilogy. They have fan theories and explanations listed by topics.


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