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Pamela Joane Fitzgerald is the mother of Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald and the wife of Henry Fitzgerald. She is portrayed as a loving, albeit clueless and sometimes dismissive, mother to her daughters.


Pamela Fitzgerald was the wife of Henry Fitzgerald and the mother of teenage sisters Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. She lived in the suburban community of Bailey Downs in Ontario, Canada. A chipper and loving woman, Pamela often disregarded her children's more eccentric behavior and always made herself available to give motherly advice. When Ginger began complaining of back pain, Pamela was quick to point out that it was the onset of the girl's first menstrual cycle. This conversation devolved into an argument and Ginger avoided any future talk on the subject.

A short time later, Pamela came home and found the girls playing one of their "death games". In truth, Ginger and Brigitte were trying to cover up the accidental death of a high school student named Trina Sinclair. Pamela found two severed fingers which she at first dismissed as fake props, but soon discovered that they were in fact real. Realizing what must have happened, Pamela grew extremely protective of her children. She went down to Bailey Downs High School to find them. She never asked any questions about the severed fingers and told the girls that she was ready to leave her husband, burn down the house and drive off somewhere to start a new life. This plan never came to pass however as Ginger, having been infected with the curse of lycanthropy, turned into a werewolf and killed several people. She in turn was killed by her own sister who stabbed her in the heart with a knife.


Pamela wears a headband, a turtleneck, and a variety of outer-wear jackets depicting cuddly animals.


Brigitte Fitzgerald[]

Pamela is not on the best terms with Brigitte. Although she wants to help her daughters, Brigitte tends to be dismissive of her mother. In fact, Brigitte only calls Pamela by her first name. Brigitte does not approach her mother for help with Ginger's abnormal changes. In a deleted scene, Pamela is shown entering the Greenhouse to find her, but Brigitte at the last moment leads a weakened Ginger away from her mother, intending to run away with her sister.

Ginger Fitzgerald[]

Like with Brigitte, Ginger does not trust Pamela and refers to her by her first name. She also does not approach Pamela for help when she experiences changes. In one scene when Pamela surprises Ginger with a strawberry cake celebrating her first period, Ginger appears disgusted for her mother's celebration and anger toward Brigitte for "telling her mother" (which is not true, as Pamela discovered Ginger's period while doing the laundry and discovering Ginger's soiled underwear).

Henry Fitzgerald[]

Pamela appears to be the "main" parent in the household, and she tends to be dismissive of Henry and puts her opinions and desires first. Apparently, she and Henry are undergoing couple's counseling.

Trina Sinclair[]

She does not formally ever meet Trina, but she is made known to Pamela after a phone call from the guidance counselor at Bailey Downs High School, at the request of the police. They ask about Ginger for questioning as she might be related to Trina's disappearance. Pamela does not know about Trina's accidental death, and Brigitte only reveals that Trina bullied her and Ginger hit her back, but she then mentioned that they had it under control. Pamela later discovers Trina's severed fingers, which led her to discover Trina's dead body. Only then does she realize that her realizations of her suspicious daughters came true, and she pledged to Brigitte that she will protect her daughter at all costs during the van scene.


  • It is implied that Pamela and Henry do not have the healthiest of marriages. Pamela makes reference to going to counseling and she also makes several unflattering remarks regarding her husband Henry's character. She also demonstrates a willingness to abandon him after learning about the accidental death of Trina Sinclair to run away with her daughters.
  • "Pamela" is what Ginger and Brigitte always referred to their mother, rarely as mother or mom. In the scene after the first werewolf attack, Brigitte can be heard screaming, "mom!"