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The police of Bailey Downs serve as law enforcement and serve to protect its citizens and uphold its laws.


They are featured aiding the community solve Trina Sinclair's disappearance. They are never seen on-screen in the released film and are only mentioned by Pamela Fitzgerald when informing Ginger Fitzgerald of her being a suspect of interest asked to be interviewed.

They also attempt to find and apprehend Jason McCardy for harassing a young boy in a deleted scene.


The police appear to be lackluster and, like the residents, almost apathetic toward their jobs. No posters are seen around Bailey Downs warning residents about the Beast, nor are there any posters asking for a neighborhood watch or giving residents details about avoiding the Beast. They are never seen on-screen, even as patrolling in their vehicles in response to the increase in dog murders or when Trina was murdered. A deleted scene gives them screen time and shows them finding Jason.