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Below is a reference of quotes taken from the Ginger snaps trilogy series.

Ginger Snaps Quotes[]

Ginger: [to Brigitte] A girl can only be a slut, a bitch, a tease, or the virgin next door.

Ginger: I get this ache... And I, I thought it was for sex, but it's to tear everything to fucking pieces.

Brigitte: People don't leave their dogs out alone anymore.

Ginger: Then you'll just have to distract her while I nab the pooch and make with the gore.

Brigitte: I can't distract her.

Ginger: The fuck, Bee. This is your idea. If you don't like your ideas, stop having them.

Ginger: Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever.

[Growing impatient waiting for Brigitte to hold her hand]

Ginger: C'mon! Together forever.

Brigitte: United against life as we know it.

Ginger: I said I'd die for you!

Brigitte: No. You said you'd die with me. Cause you had nothing better to do.

Ginger: Suicide is like... the ultimate fuck you.

Brigitte: I was just wondering what you hit.

Sam: [sarcastically] Well, officer, looked like a lycanthrope to me, sir.

Brigitte: I know what a lycanthrope is.

Sam: Sure you do.

Brigitte: Think you see werewolves a lot?

Ginger: [Playing with a kitchen knife] Wrists are for girls. I'm slitting my throat.

Ginger: [takes a bite of food and drops it on her plate] Wish these were babies legs.

Brigitte: [on suicide note] Long is the way that out of hell leads up to the light.

Ginger: You swore we'd go together, one way or another.

Brigitte: When we were eight.

[after killing the janitor]

Brigitte: You like it.

Ginger: It feels so... good, Brigitte. It's like touching yourself. You know every move... right on the fucking dot. And after, you see fucking fireworks. Supernovas. I'm a goddamn force of nature. I feel like I could do just about anything.

Ginger: I kill their pets, B, and the only thing that helps is to tear living things to pieces. I can't be like this!

Sam: See, I flattened an animal. Furry, all-fours, could be anything. But here I am thinking "lycanthrope". That's crazy, huh? Book me in to the rubber motel, I'm officially all fucked up, right?

Brigitte: What if you're not?

Sam: Well, that would explain the human circumcised dick... and why you were running for your life from it.

Henry Fitzgerald: [Camera slides away from Ginger and B, dragging Trina's body through the backyard, up to the parents' bedroom where Pamela is flipping through "advice" magazines] I think they're up to something.

Pamela Fitzgerald: They're just being normal teenage girls.

Henry Fitzgerald: Then why are they suddenly so interested in what _you_ have to say?

Pamela Fitzgerald: [Shakes her head contemptuously] Stay in your own little world, Henry. This one just confuses you.

Sam: Biology, now there's something you can sink your teeth into, so to speak. You're real. Your problem is real. The solution is real.

Mr. Wayne: [after seeing the girls 'death' pictures] I am... disturbed, wasn't I? Clearly, the Fitzgerald sisters worked hard...

[under his breath]

Mr. Wayne: God...

Jason: Can we see the ones with Ginger again?

Brigitte: Are you *sure* it's just cramps?

Ginger: Just so you know... the words "just" and "cramps", they don't go together.

[Snatches the box of tampons away]

[after Brigitte cuts her palm]

Brigitte: You wrecked everything for me that isn't about you.

[Brigitte cuts Ginger's palm, exchanges blood with her]

Sam: No. Shit.

Brigitte: Now I am you.

Ginger: I know you are. But what am I?

[while burying girl under the shed]

Ginger: Think she's pretty?

Brigitte: If I wasn't here, would you eat her?

Ginger: You know, we're almost not even related anymore.

Brigitte: Baxter's fertilizer, and everyone's standing there just... staring. Why don't they just catch that thing? How hard could it be in a place full of dead ends?

Pamela Fitzgerald: [brings cake in] Ginger's very favorite. Congratulations sweetie. You know you can ask me anything.

Ginger: [points at Brigitte] You're so dead.

Brigitte: I didn't.

Pamela Fitzgerald: Our little girl's a young woman now.

[Jason and Ginger are about to have sex]

Jason: Don't we need protection?

[Ginger pushes Jason and viciously rips open his shirt]

Jason: Stop! Wait a second.

Ginger: You're fucking hilarious, cave-boy.

Trina Sinclair: [Sam whistles to Brigitte on the field] Hi!

Sam: Brigitte!

[Brigitte and Ginger look at him as Trina looks shocked]

Sam: Brigitte, come here!

Ginger: The fuck, B? You got a boyfriend or something?

Brigitte: No, we just...

Ginger: Oh.

Brigitte: I'll be right back.

Trina Sinclair: [Turning away] Oh my god.

Sam: [Brigitte walks over to him] Hey, what's up? Look, if silver's shot, I've been reading and I got another idea.

Brigitte: Are you on drugs, like right now? I'm in class here.

Sam: [Scoffs] Yeah, excuse me for giving a shit.

[He walks back to his van]

Brigitte: I'll come see you later, ok?

Sam: [Glances back] Whatever.

Brigitte: [Ginger has spent a while in the toilet] Ging, what's going on? Something's wrong with you. More than you being just... female. Could you just say something please?

[Brigitte walks into the toilet, and where Ginger has been slashed on her chest, there is hair]

Brigitte: Whoa.

Ginger: Whoa? That's it? 'Whoa'? I can't have a hairy chest, B. That's fucked!

Brigitte: No way.

Ginger: The fuck? What the fuck?

[Ginger hits the wall]

Brigitte: This isn't...

Ginger: What?

Brigitte: No, like...

Ginger: What?

Brigitte: Bitten? On a full moon. Now you're hairy?

[Ginger chuckles to herself]

Brigitte: I know, but think about it.

Ginger: Well thank you for taking my total fucking nightmare so seriously!

Ginger: [suicide note] No comment.

Ginger: Y'know, maybe you're right. Maybe I _do_ see a monster. Yeah... It's got these little green eyes...

Brigitte: Oh yeah, like I really wish I were hemorrhaging, hairy, and sucking off Jason McCarty.

Pamela Fitzgerald: Jesus Christ on a bicycle! What the - ?

Sam: Fuck! That's your goddamn sister!

Brigitte: I don't want any drugs.

Sam: Then am-scray.

Ginger: Pervert, she's fifteen.

Brigitte: Ginger, wait outside for me!

Ginger: Fine. He rapes you, don't come crying. I'll be at home.


Brigitte: She's just freaking.

Sam: Um, I do not think of you that way.

[Brigitte looks at Sam, sighs and rolls her eyes]

Ginger: Do you think I want to go back to being nobody? You're fucked!

Pamela Fitzgerald: Your father and I are going to counseling tonight so don't leave the house, they still haven't caught that animal that's loose.

Henry Fitzgerald: They never go anywhere.

Pamela Fitzgerald: You're a big help. As usual.

Trina Sinclair: [about Sam] Don't give her the satisfaction!


Trina Sinclair: For once someone shouldn't give that fucker the satisfaction!

Brigitte: I didn't betray you.

Ginger: You locked me up!

Brigitte: Ginger, a word?

Ginger: Is it 'sorry'?

Sam: Understand, you may kill her trying to save her.

Brigitte: What?

Sam: It's for Ginger, isn't it? Look, worst-case scenario, you put her out of her misery. Just as long as you're prepared for that, and I mean, sure. Try to come to that.

Ginger: [to Ben and Tim] Hey, you guys seen Jason?

Ben: [notices blood on Ginger's forehead] Umm... you got a little...

Ginger: You guys going to the greenhouse bash tonight?

Ben, Tim: Yeah.

Ginger: I'm in charge of the prizes.

[she flashes them]

Ginger: You, too, could be a winner.

Mr. Wayne: [Coughs] Ginger. My office. Now.

Jason: Hey, diss me or whatever, but, I got three sisters, and nothing quite takes the edge off like a good toke.

Ginger: Well, maybe I like my edge. Thanks.

Jason: Or maybe you're just chicken to lose it.

[Sam is stoned, and has just ran over the werewolf]

Sam: Oh, fuck me.

Brigitte: You always blow off anything that you don't get.

Ginger: Yeah, when it's bullshit!

Brigitte: Oh my God, you killed Norman.

Ginger: He barked and he barked and he just kept fucking barking!

Ginger: [about becoming a werewolf, drunk on blood] You love it. Should come for the ride. A little scratch. Swap some juice. We'll be our own pack, like before. It's so 'us' B.

Brigitte: Just say you won't go average on me.

Ginger: Just 'cause some gonad gets his zipper going? I'd rather be dead.

Pamela Fitzgerald: [Happily] Oh my god... Do you think it's cramps?

Ginger: [gagging & spewing] Give it a rest... for two seconds?

Henry Fitzgerald: Pam, we're eating.

Nurse Ferry: A thick, syrupy, voluminous discharge is not uncommon.

Brigitte: You gave it to Jason. You had unprotected sex and you infected him.

Ginger: Ooops.

Ginger: [as she attacks Trina from the side] Back for more?

Brigitte: What are you doing?

Ginger: I don't know, B. What _am_ I doing? Call Sam. Ask the Pro.

Brigitte: What?

Ginger: You play with your new friends and I'll play with mine

[drags Trina off into the house]

Ginger: You picked Sam over me, anything that happens now it is your fault!

Sam: [waiting in his van, spots Brigitte]

Sam: Why hello, hello, hello.

[gets out of van and follows Brigitte from behind]

Sam: Hey kid, got a smoke?

Brigitte: [turns around quickly] No.

Sam: [pulls cigarette from behind his ear] Got a light then?

Brigitte: [stops and pulls a lighter from her bag]

Sam: Well, thanks. I've just spent a week of my life looking for you, if you could just give me a sec.

[lights cigarette]

[Camera rolls by a fence until it comes by Ginger seemingly impaled by the fence, blood everywhere]

Brigitte: [holding camera] Too much blood. And I can see your gonch!

Ginger: [sticking up middle finger] Just do it!

[On the field hockey grounds, where Brigitte and Ginger are quietly smoking a cigarette, Ginger proposes a spiteful mental game in which they evidently try to top each others' insults about a person and how he or she might die:]

Ginger: Search and Destroy. Go!

[Brigitte glances at the girls who are taking a break in the soccer game to joke and laugh. Trina is a pretty, lively, and popular girl]

Brigitte: Okay. How about Trina Sinclair?

Ginger: Excellent selection. Continue.

Brigitte: Trina Sinclair. D.O.A. at the hair dye aisle. Perished while seeking matching barrettes on nothing but diet pills and laxatives.

Ginger: Likes her shorts stuck up her ass, correct?

Brigitte: Favorite homework excuse: My nail glitter ate it.

[a friend of Trina overhears them trashing her, and goes to report to Trina]

Ginger: Basic pleasure model?

Brigitte: Your standard cum-bucketty date-bait.

Ginger: [Superior but impressed] Good one.

Brigitte: [glancing around again, notices that Trina is looking furiously at them. To Ginger:] Uh-oh.

Pamela Fitzgerald: Ginger, don't push your sister!

Ginger: God, I hate our gene pool.

Sam: You can't do this alone.

Sam: [throws Ginger off him] I said get off!

Ginger: Jerk!

Sam: I told you to get off me!

Brigitte: I'm not dying in this room with you!

Ginger: Don't ever touch my sister again.

[Sam opens the door to his van]

Sam: The hell you guys doing in here?

Ben: [Greeting him] Sam, The Man.

Jason: Sam, uh, we, we just needed a place to come and smoke.

Sam: Hey, you know, I have an idea. Why don't you guys get the fuck out of my van, assholes! Come on, I'm serious get out! I mean it! Get out!

Jason: I just got a few questions for her, like uh, I'm growing a goddamn TAIL outta my ass, and I thought she might have a few tips on how to deal with keeping that quiet!

Brigitte: Hurting me won't help.

Jason: See? I'm up to some whack shit right now. I'm way out on the corner of Fucked-Up and Evil. You wanna know what I did for fun last night, huh? I killed my own freakin' dog, OK? Now what am I supposed to do about that, huh?

Brigitte: I'd never tell her anything.

Ginger: Unless you wanted to piss me off!

Ginger: Get the fuck outta the bathroom! I'm trying to get ready!

Trina Sinclair: Hey, why don't you get your slut-bitch sister a leash.

Jason: So Fitz... I think we should get together.

Ginger: Um... no.

[Rolls eyes and walks away]

Brigitte: Shut up, Norman.

Brigitte: If you give up now you leave me alone, I would never do that to you!

Ginger: I'm sorry. I'm scared...

[starts crying]

Pamela Fitzgerald: Beating up girls? Cutting class? I'm very disappointed in you.

Sam: Okay, we both saw it; what the fuck was it?

Brigitte: It's what you hit.

Sam: I know.

[blows puff of smoke]

Sam: But what the fuck was it?

Brigitte: High school: just a mindless little breeders' machine.

Sam: What are you saying?

Brigitte: You swear you won't call a freak show?

Sam: Yeah. I swear.

Brigitte: I'm changing. Like, right now, and full moons have nothing to do with it.

Sam: You're serious.

Brigitte: [referring to her recent study of werewolf movies] And everything I look at goes: silver bullet in a gun to my head, The End.

Sam: Wow. Well, let's not panic here. I mean, for one, that thing on the road, my van did a pretty good job on it. Without the benefits of silver bullets, so let's just forget the Hollywood rules. There's gotta be a cure, right? Otherwise, there'd be a hell of a lot more of them.

Brigitte: It's like an infection. It works from the inside out; it's like a virus.

Sam: Right, see, Biology! Now there's something you can sink your teeth into, so to speak. You're real. Your problem is real. The solution is real. Not bam, death by morality call. Then again, when I started that piercing shit? I got infections. Girl says, 'Try pure silver." It cleared up like that.

[snaps his fingers]

Sam: The ancients thought pure metals purified the blood.

Brigitte: They thought leeches did, too.

Sam: They do.

Jason: Come and get some candy!

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[Exiting the party]

Ginger: Bee... I can't... I'm turning... too fast.

[Sam hits her with a shovel, and Ginger collapses]

Brigitte: What the hell did you do that for?

Sam: I won't let you do this, Brigitte! You both need help!

Brigitte: You fucking idiot! The cure works. I had to use it on somebody else, but there's more at the house. This is the only way I could get her to come back with me.

Sam: Oh, shit. Well, how was I supposed to know that?

Brigitte: Just help me, okay? Just get her in your truck and drive us home.

Sam: Fine. But she rides in the back.

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed Quotes[]

Written on psychologist's notepad after Brigitte explains her lycanthropic transformation: Lesbian?

Ginger: We can't fight what's in us, B.

Brigitte: I'm not like you, Ginger... I'm stronger.

Ginger: [laughs] Oh really? That's not how I remember you the first fifteen years of your life.

Brigitte: It's how I remember the last fifteen minutes of yours.

Brigitte: My sister and I shared a room.

Ghost: A sleepover every night.

Brigitte: Kind of.

Ghost: Do you miss her?

Brigitte: All the time.

Tyler: So this is home, huh, Ghost?... Kind of has the Manson family charm.

Ghost: When you close your eyes, is it hell you see?

Jeremy: I'm onto you.

[Brigitte looks up at him before going back to her book - he takes one off the shelf and pretends to read it]

Jeremy: You come in here late at night, you stay until all the other avid readers are gone. You're attracted to me but you fear rejection. So you bide your time just kind of waiting for that perfect moment.

[slams book shut]

Jeremy: Don't worry, I've been dealing with this all my life... I'm kidding.

Brigitte: [half smiles, gets to feet, and gets her book together. Walks past him] Your fly's open.

Dr. Brookner: Brigitte, you have a room of people pretty curious about Brigitte.

Beth-Ann: And incidently, a room full of people who think you really suck at suicide.

[Brigitte glances at the cuts on her left arm and then pulls up her sleeve]

Dr. Brookner: What's your best-case scenario, hmm? Go there.

Brigitte: My best-case scenario, Eleanor, is hair everywhere but my eyeballs, elongation of my spine until my skin splits, teats, and a growing tolerance, maybe even affection for, the smell and taste of feces - not just my own - and then, excruciating death.

Koral: Dr. Brookner, if she doesn't shut up, I swear I'll make her drink her piss... again.

Beth-Ann: PING!

[throws penny at Ghost's head and laughs, everyone else joins in]

Girl: This is getting so boring.

Beth-Ann: It's an ancient game, the throwing of pennies at the local moron or midget!

Brigitte: I can't see the TV

[laughing and throwing continues]

Brigitte: I said I can't see the TV!

[grabs Beth-Ann and slams her into a wall]

Brigitte: Would you like me to throw YOU at her head?

Ghost: Do you turn at the full moon?

Brigitte: You watch too many horror movies.

Ghost: I'm not allowed to watch horror movies, or technically, to read comics. Or eat gluten - I'm too impressionable.

Brigitte: Why does that not surprise me?

Ghost: Well, not the gluten thing - that's just digestive.

Brigitte: [looking at elongated ear in mirror, moves back to show Ginger sitting on a chair] Ginger?

Ginger: We really need to talk. These last few days, I've been feeling very left out, watching you hang out with all your cool, new friends.

Brigitte: It's starting.

Ginger: So it is. Well, you have two options then, don't you? Either give in, or give up.

[Disappears, but voice remains]

Ginger: It only dies if you do.

Brigitte: I'm not gonna die.

Ginger: You're starting to understand, aren't you? How it all starts with wanting? What were you thinking when he was in that stall with you? Because even I - really - was shocked.

Brigitte: I...

Ginger: [Mimicking Brigitte] I wanted the monkshood.

Brigitte: I just...

Ginger: [mimicking] I just -


Ginger: I mean, what did you want when he was pushing up against you? You're starting to figure it out, aren't you? How it all starts innocently enough, today you wanna to fuck him - tomorrow you just wanna bite a hole in his sternum.

Ghost: So was that the one that bit you?

Brigitte: I wasn't bit, my sister was. And no, it wasn't the same one.

Ghost: Well - Well, where did it come from? The infinite darkness?

Brigitte: I don't think so, Ghost... more like the suburbs.

Ghost: If you weren't bit, then...

Brigitte: I infected myself with her blood. I thought I could make her stop if I was like her.

Ghost: I always wanted a sister. Where is she now?

Brigitte: She isn't, I stopped her.

Ghost: You killed your own sister?

Brigitte: There wasn't much of Ginger left in what I killed.

Ghost: So - So what'd you use? A silver bullet?

Brigitte: A knife. They're not superheroes, Ghost.

Ghost: I got chips. Alice says chips don't fall in to one of the four food groups. One of her many lies. You still eat chips, right?

Brigitte: It's happening too fast. I need the monkshood.

[Ghost holds up a vial of monkshood]

Brigitte: Where's the needle?

Ghost: ...Oh crap.

Ghost: It's gonna find, you isn't it? You know the fact that it didn't kill you tonight... that means something. Maybe he's like you, and it's not in his nature to kill, and he secretly wants...

Brigitte: Ghost, he wants to mate with me.

Ghost: Oh...

Brigitte: Don't try too hard to visualize that.

Tyler: She realized of course, she'd have to go back to the clinic.

Ghost: You realize of course that you're speaking in the third person. It's a little weird. And I'm aware of no such thing.

Tyler: What if I said I missed you?

Ghost: His words felt empty, just like her head.

Brigitte: [referring to the gas igniting] How long will it take?

Ghost: Barbara took about twenty-seven minutes...

Tyler: [speaking to Brigitte over the phone] You still there?


Brigitte: Sort of.

Beth-Ann: Do you ever see things when you're stoned?

[walks behind a screen]

Beth-Ann: Cos I just saw the freakiest thing, like an animal or something!

[she stumbles as she is stoned]

Brigitte: BETH ANN!

[Beth-Ann is mauled by the werewolf. Brigitte can see her through the clear screen]

Ginger: Remember that game we used to play when we were little? The one where we would make ourselves hold our breath until we passed out? Then you'd always get scared and call Mom and I'd get in to trouble? That game really sucked.

Ghost: Late at night, in secret chambers, he carried out his reign of moral terror.

Tyler: Isn't that mortal terror?

Ghost: No.

Marcus: Just so you know, threats are a big no-no with Alice.

Ginger: You know, the faster you heal the closer he gets B. Or is it that the closer he is the faster you heal?

Ghost: Rocky runs, Rocky plays, Rocky misses the good old days.

Koral: Making up more childhood sexual abuse?

Girl: Sticks and stones, fatso.

Tyler: Welcome to rehab, baby.

Ghost: Good luck on your sad journey to the other side, Beth-Ann. I'm sorry you were such a cunt.

Ghost: [firing rifle] Go back to the darkness!

Alice: Ghost? You shot at me! What the hell?

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning Quotes[]

Ginger: Come closer... it's a secret.

[smiles through canine teeth]

Ginger: [whispers] they're coming.

Ginger: The air is bloody...

Brigitte: And what if I don't? What if I don't kill her?

The Hunter: She dies by your hands, or you die by hers. And the land suffers forever, as foretold.

Brigitte: I just want my sister back!

The Hunter: [the Hunter stops leading and turns back to face her, angry, to talk about the dreams they had under the influence of a tincture mixed by The Elder] You saw this knife! I know you saw it!

Brigitte: [whispers] I killed Ginger with it.

The Hunter: This is the only way. You have no choice. It is your path. Do not fear death.

[He turns and leads the way again]

The Hunter: We'll go to the fort and wait for her. She will come for you there.

Brigitte: [lying in Ginger's lap] Ginger, I'm cold.

Ginger: I'm not.

Ginger: [after Hunter whistles at them] Did he just whistle at us?

Brigitte: I'm sure he meant the dog.

[last lines]

Brigitte: The day of reckoning - the day the curse grew stronger in the Red and the Black. Sisters united in blood, together forever.

The Hunter: I saw myself die. I'd give my life to save you, so that you can kill her.

Ginger: I was wrong to leave you, Brigitte.

Brigitte: But you came back.

Ginger: You are all I have, I will not kill you.

Brigitte: Our parents drowned?

Ginger: Yes, but they didn't feel any pain. It was quite peaceful.

Brigitte: I didn't see my death. I saw Ginger's.

Wallace Rowlands: Geoffrey bit her, didn't he? She's turning.

Brigitte: Yes.

Wallace Rowlands: Then it's too late.

Brigitte: Is it too late for your son? I'll tell them about Geoffrey, I swear it. They kill my sister, they kill your son.

Ginger: A bond that would not be broken. Above men, above God, above fate. Together forever.

Ginger: Something bit me

The Hunter: She has to die by your hand!

Ginger: [Ginger and Brigitte enter the fort] Welcome to civilization.

Brigitte: I'm not alone, I'm counting!

Ginger: I've come for my sister.

James: I'm sorry to tell you, but the Reverend has taken a real fancy to saving her from Hellfire. So I guess that leaves me and you, more or less, to ourselves.

[he smacks her in the face]

Ginger: [wipes the blood off her mouth] Right then.

Ginger: [after being hit by James] You hit like a girl!

James: Well, we've got all night to fix that.

Reverend Gilbert: You've let a pair of little girls destroy us! You never could see how they lied, and tricked, and tempted you into oblivion! Just like that bitch wife of yours!

Wallace Rowlands: Forgive me father

[stabs Reverend Gilbert]

Wallace Rowlands: for I have sinned.

Claude: When we were boys in France, my grandfather told my brother and I if we look out for it, man transform into wolf. On the full moon it preyed on the shepherds and travelers near his village. The old man warned us, "Beware its bite, or we might become a slave to the full moon, too." It gave me bad dreams. But my brother said, "Don't worry, Claude. If it bites you, you won't become one. Because I will help you catch it, so you can kill it before you turn, and the spell will be broken."

[Brigitte walks in]

Claude: It was a long time ago, and we were just little boys.

[he walks out of the room]

Claude: [the girls walk in for dinner] We should eat here more often.

Seamus: [to Ginger about Reverend Gilbert] Scripture has twisted that man deadly. And you... you watch it. He's fixing on you.

Brigitte: Where are we going to go?

Ginger: Same place we always go. Away.

Ginger: [looks at the red dress] Hmm, what a lovely shade of dead.

Brigitte: Is a dead boy's room the only one they've got?

Ginger: It's better than sleeping out in the woods with a tree root for a pillow.

Brigitte: We've slept there before.

Ginger: Together forever?

Brigitte: Together forever.

Claude: I'm sure I'm going to hell for this, but shut your holy fucking mouth.

[first lines]

Brigitte: The Indians say the curse began in the time of the Ancients and was passed down through the blood of generations. There are legends of the Wendigo and the coming of the Red and the Black. Legends of the Day of Reckoning, when Death would consume the land, and good would face evil; of the day the curse would be broken forever - or grow stronger, and live on to plague generations to come. But ours was a story of survival; of two sisters bound by blood. A bond that would not be broken. That was our promise above all: above men, above God, above Fate. It was in our blood: together forever.

[as the film opens, Brigitte and Ginger are riding on horseback through a frozen wasteland]

Brigitte: I'm so cold.

Ginger: Me too.

Brigitte: Ginger, I think we've lost our way.

Ginger: We haven't lost anything, Brigitte. It's lost us.

Elder: Kill the boy. Or one sister kills the other.

Ginger: [after Brigitte is wounded and Hunter leads them to the fort, and they find it to be all wintry dirt and a few soldiers with muskets, Ginger murmurs to Brigitte:] Welcome to civilization.

Doc Murphy: [to Brigitte] You feel bad? Be thankful. It means you're alive.

Ginger: What is everyone so afraid of?

Doc Murphy: Didn't you see them, out there in the woods?

Ginger: We saw nothing.

Doc Murphy: Not to worry, girl. Because they saw you.

Reverend Gilbert: This plague has come because of your love of your savage wife! It is your sin that has brought the Devil upon us!

Wallace Rowlands: My sin is something you can only dream about!

The Hunter: It is believed amongst our people that those who lived, always live. Do not fear death.

[the priest comes in to lecture Brigitte, who has her hands tied behind her back, and who will not look at him, at first]

Reverend Gilbert: In this mortal life, it is not just our physical bodies which hang in the balance. It is an eternity of peace. And it is this forgiveness which I offer you. Take it, child, for the lost soul of your sister, take it.

Brigitte: [whispering tremulously, then rising triumphantly] I have seen things, in dreams and in waking, about the way things will be for her and I. And in these dreams, Reverend, you are screaming for your life, you prick!

Reverend Gilbert: Good Christian women need fear nothing.

Ginger: We're not afraid.

Reverend Gilbert: Oh yes you are. Two months, this Fort has been in the devil's grip, and you two little girls walk right through our door.

Brigitte: [hears wolf howling] What is that?

Reverend Gilbert: Demons. The Devil's wickedness.

[he walks menacingly towards them]

Reverend Gilbert: This place is to be drowned, like a newborn deformity. To be cut out, like a bleeding cancer. To be cast into hell like a stinking whore!

[they run away from him and hide in their rooms, locking the door behind them]

Reverend Gilbert: Don't forget to say your prayers, ladies.