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Film Playlist Link List of Songs in Album Notes
Ginger Snaps 01. "Inside you" by Godhead

02. "Pipe Dream" by Project 86

03. "Siberian Kiss" by Glassjaw*

04. "Silent Acquiescence Of Millions" by Sinch

05. "Temple from the Within" by Killswitch Engage

06. "First Commandment" by Soulfly*

07. "Cloning Technology" by Fear Factory*

08. "A Night Like This" by Professional Murder Music

09. "Desire to Fire" by Machine Head*

10. "Burial for the Living" by Hatebreed

11. "Pincushion" by Saliva

12. "One of Blood" by Shadows Fall

13. "Action Radius" by Junkie XL*

14. "Her Ghost in the Fog" by Cradle of Filth

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed YouTube playlist
01.Bloodletting 02:28

02. Crawl 04:37

03. Hunted 03:58

04. Beneath The Skin 00:59

05. Grope Therapy 02:02

06. Get Granny's Gun 02:36

07. Mostly Ghostly 04:35

08. Leapin' Werewolves 01:36

09. Welcome Home Waltz 01:22

10. Institutional Green 02:25

11. Chase Scene 02:47

12. Shears 01:27

13. Reflection 03:42

14. Poly You're Insane 01:14

15. Purple Drug 07:02

16. Dear Deer 03:02

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Special thanks to Jfravixthunder22 for compiling the playlist. Soundtrack is property of Kurt Swinghammer, all rights reserved 2004.[2]

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning


Ginger Snaps[]

Tracks in the film:

Track 07- Field Hockey

Track 03- Music in Sam's van as he pulls up

Track 13- Ginger & Brigitte visit the greenhouse (is playing on radio)

Track 09- Music playing on radio as guys drive by and Brigitte is running to the greenhouse bash to save Ginger

Track 06- Music at the greenhouse bash while Ginger is seducing Sam and Brigitte is looking for her

Tracks featured in the film but not on the soundtrack:

"Love Like Razorblade"

Written by Patrick Tilon & Tom Holkenborg

Performed by Junkie XL

Used by permission of BMG Music Publishing Canada Inc./ Pennies From Heaven B.V., The Netherlands and Roadrunner Records

The song that plays when Ginger is walking through the halls at school in slo-mo


Written by Ralph Kircher and Sprawl

Performed by Sprawl

Used by permission of Sprawl/IMOJ

Song that's played when Ginger flashes Jason's friends when asking if they're going to the greenhouse bash

- This song cannot be found anywhere, even on the internet! -

- Anyone who can find it, please contact me! -

"Kiss My Lips"

Written by Jason Martin

Performed by Bon Voyage

Used by permission of Tooth and Nail Records and BEC Recordings

Song playing when Ginger initiates sex in the car with Jason


Written by Romell Regulacion

Performed by Razed in Black

Used by permission of Cleopatra Records, Invivo Music and Dimension Gate Music

Song that plays when Ginger enter the Greenhouse bash with her "halloween costume" with the while hair and malformed face


Written by Burton C. Bell, Dino Cazares & Raymond Herrera

Performed by Fear Factory

Used by permission of BMG Music Publishing Canada Inc. and Roadrunner Records

Song that plays when Ginger beats up Trina


Written by Bob McLynn and Michael Fernbacher

Performed by The Step Kings

Used by permission of The Step Kings/Fantastic Step Music and Roadrunner Records

Song that plays when Ginger and Brigitte are leaving the greenhouse bash


  1. These external playlists are not endorsed by this Ginger Snaps wiki, but were listed here because they might be of interest to Ginger Snaps fans.


[2] Music Composed By Kurt Swinghammer. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed Score (2004). Property Of Kurt Swinghammer. © 2004 All rights reserved.