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Although a specified timeline is not specified, the events are assumed to take place in winter of 1999 or early 2000. According to a commentary, the events of the film take place 6 months later after Ginger Snaps. This means that the events most likely take place in February or March 2000, as the location Brigitte was in was still heavily covered in snow, suggesting winter. There is no calendar as in Ginger Snaps to document specific dates, but a daily occurrence of events is recorded.

The Timeline[]

Dates Events
Day 1
  • The unnamed werewolf stalking Brigitte finally locates her
  • The librarian is killed by the werewolf
Day 2*
  • Brigitte is admitted to Happier Times Care Center
  • Brigitte meets Ghost, Alice, Tyler, and the other clinic assistant

Day 3
  • Group session where the girls discuss their problems
  • Ginger warns Brigitte about her healing faster and the werewolf getting closer

Day 4
  • Staff discuss Brigitte's choice of monkshoods as an injection
  • Ghost discovers Brigitte's secret reading comic books
  • Ghost's poetry mentioning "moral terror" she recited to Tyler
Day 5
  • Brigitte confronts Beth-Ann who bullies Ghost during a group free-time bonding session
  • Ghost discovers that Brigitte is growing pointed ears
  • Ghost gives Brigitte her syringe but is blocked by Tyler
Day 6
  • Bizarre group meditation session for Brigitte
  • Rocky the dog disappears
  • Tyler gives Brigitte the monkshood injection
Day 7
  • Ghost confronts Brigitte with Rocky's body and saying she killed him
  • Beth-Ann is killed by the werewolf
  • Ghost and Brigitte are attacked by the werewolf but successfully escape
  • Brief gas station scene
  • Brigitte reveals to Ghost the werewolf is a male who is stalking her with intentions to mate
Day 8
  • Ghost sets up Polly Ester, a trip-wired scarecrow meant to damage the werewolf
  • Brigitte is seen grinding her teeth
  • A deer is severely wounded from the trip wire scarecrow, and Brigitte is horrified that she starts eating the half-alive deer
  • Brigitte calls Tyler to deliver monkshood as an emergency
  • Brigitte discovers the gas station attendant is slain
  • Tyler administers the monkshood, but Brigitte has an adverse reaction to it
  • Brigitte has a moment where she tries to seduce Tyler but is stopped when she sees Ginger as an apparition
Day 9
  • Ghost attacks Tyler early in the morning, and fakes herself having been assaulted by him
  • Tyler is killed by the werewolf after Brigitte traps him outside
  • Alice arrives to Barbara's house
  • Brigitte realizes that Ghost was having delusions and lied to her
  • The werewolf fight takes place, and the werewolf is killed
  • Ghost kills Alice
  • Brigitte is seen in her late stages of transforming into a full werewolf
Unknown Days later
  • Ghost finishes her comic drawing of her as a warrior next to a Brigitte-wolf, as she welcomes Barbara home


*It is unclear when Brigitte was admitted to the clinic, but if assumed on Day 2, then all further events following are correct.