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Tyler is a clinical worker in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. He is a corrupt nurse at the Happier Times Care Center who trades drugs to the female rehab patients in exchange for sexual favors.


Tyler is a rather misogynistic and cruel person who shows little to no care about the wellbeing of the patients at the clinic. He trades drugs to them in exchange for sexual favors. He also plays mind games with the residents in order to get them to agree to provide sex.

He does seem to have some basic decency, as he was very concerned seeing Brigitte's physical reaction to injecting the Monkshood when she was going through advanced stages of her werewolf transformation, and wanted to help her seek medical attention.

Tyler is one of the many characters in the movie that is completely unaware of the existence of werewolves, and he believed that Brigitte was simply addicted to monkshood.


Tyler is a worker at Happier Times Care Center, and he breaks protocol by using the addictions of the female patients to his advantage by giving the patients their desired drug in exchange for sex.

He seems to get along well with Ghost, as he always accompanied her to feed her dog Rocky and seemed to recount his sexual exploits with the patients to her, including his failure to sway Brigitte.

When Brigitte arrives to the clinic, he targets her as a new patient to gain sexual favors from, but she refuses. He stalks her to the bathroom, where he holds a monkshood syringe right in front of her, taunting her to see her beg for it. Eventually, out of desperation, she agrees and allows him to inject her with monkshood using a vein, most likely one on her groin.

When Ghost and Brigitte escape the clinic and go to Barbara's House, they call Tyler in order to retrieve the monkshood from him. He gives it to them, but stays at the house out of concern when he witnesses Brigitte's body violently reject it when she injects it. He calls Alice Severson to help, and while waiting, is kissed by Brigitte out of extreme sexual desire brought on by her lycanthropy, but is then rejected when she comes to her senses.

Eventually, Tyler was punished for his actions, when Ghost tricked Brigitte believing that Tyler raped and abused her. Ghost was upset with how Tyler was interfering with her and Brigitte's affairs, and wanted him gone, so she made it seem like he had assaulted her by creating signs of a struggle and scratching him in the face. Brigitte, falsely believing Tyler had committed the deed, then went to confront him, and decided to lead him outside so he could be eaten alive by the werewolf in revenge. He was last seen when Brigitte and Ghost watched as he was torn apart by the Beast, screaming in agony.


Tyler is a young man of average build with pale skin and blonde hair. He is usually seen wearing the uniform for the Happier Times Care Center, and later on, wears a simple outfit consisting of a t-shirt, pants, and grey or beige jacket.


  • Tyler is the last character to be killed by a werewolf seen in the trilogy.